Final System Assembly

We are a provider of advanced assembly services, capable of clean room, mechanical, electrical, turnkey, and wiring assembly. Targeting many manufacturing and production industries, our assembly services can be customized to match the exact needs of the customer, and are able to handle small, large, long-term and specialty volume orders equally as well.
Our assembly services can incorporate consultation, design, tooling, control, subassembly, packaging, and shipping phases, with each modified to suit the project at hand. We operate a state of the art facility that utilizes cutting edge assembly systems backed up by a robust quality program that includes testing for functionality, reliability and precision.

In addition to assembly work, we are able to provide inspection, packaging, re-packaging, and support services. Lead times vary on a job basis, but can be accelerated for rush and emergency situations. Our facility is able to comply with many manufacturing standards, such as ASTM, ISO, FDA, UL, SAE and Mil-Spec. We welcome the use of digital product designs and drawings, and accept many different file formats.

Test Options – Box Build Integration

  • Hi Pot test on assembled rack, power supplies or complete system
  • Functional test
  • Full system audit test
  • Custom design and implementation of product specific test strategy

Electronic Systems Design

  • Full system solutions. Lectronix uses systems tools such as Rhino 3D, Solidworks and AutoCAD to develop electro-mechanical designs for customers.
  • DFM and FMEA Analysis
  • Partnership with best-in-class fabricators for optimum lead time and cost solutions
  • Standard rack or custom configurations

Electronic Systems Integration

  • Assembly & test of press-fit & SMT printed circuit boards
  • Integration of board assemblies into metal sub-rack or plastic housing
  • Addition of line cards, PCA modules & other sub-assemblies
  • Assembly of power distribution units, cable assemblies, thermal management units
  • Full cabinet integration – configured to customer specification
  • Final test to customer specification
  • Direct Ship to Point of Use
  • Managed spares, repairs & warranty through reverse logistics strategy
  • Global manufacturing & product management